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From: earl bailey
Subject: Doubly Good 2Doubly Good
Chapter 2This is a work of fiction. And the usual disclaimers apply!!And if you enjoy this story, please feel free to e-mail me at
If you remember, I was helping my sis out by looking after
her twin 13 year old boys. A task, I must admit, became a
very pleasureful experience for me. But I knew this special
time was fast drawing to a close for me, as the month was
almost up.Then about 3 days before the month was up, I received a
call from my sis, stating that some problems had happened
and she would need to stay for about another month. And
could I possibly stay with the boys a little longer. I told her
that I would check with my business and see what the
status was there!! Knowing that short of a national disaster,
I would find a way to stay. I told her I would give her a call
back and let her know sometime later today. This was
agreeable with her.As I was hanging up the phone, I felt the presence of
someone near me and I turned and saw Brad and Chad both
standing there intensely listening to the conversation, and
both very naked!! They had heard the phone ring and had
both come down to see who was on the phone. I explained
the situation to them and asked if they would like for me to
stay on a little longer. The answer was a very loud
resounding "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" amid a round of
several high fives. I tole them I would have to check with
my business to see if everything was OK there and then call
their Mom back and let her know. Then before I knew what
was happening, the two boys ran to me and grabbed me in a
great big hug. Now don't know how you would react to 2
naked boys hugging you tightly and rubbing their bodies
next to you, but for me it was instant stimulation."Oh, look Bill(long ago forgot the uncle part) is sporting a
boner!!!" yelled Brad. And he promptly reached down and
grabbed my hard dick through my shorts and began stroking
it!!"Hey guys, not right now! As much as I want to do Preteen Porn Pedo this, I
must check and see how things are and let your Mom know.
OK??""Ok" replied a dejected Chad "we just wanted to have some
fun, that's all.""Don't worry guys, I want it as much as you do. But got to
put it on hold for right now, then we will all have some -
OK??"The boys then turned and headed back upstairs. I got busy
and started to get the things I needed to get done underway.
I was on the phone talking on the phone talking with my
company, when the doorbell rang. Telling them to hold on
for a minute, I went to the door. When I opened the door
there stood a young guy, I guessed to be around 14. With
sandy brown hair and brown eyes, around 5'5" and 130 lbs.
Then with a big smile that radiated over his entire face, he
asked "are the twins here??""Yes" I answered "just a minute""Boys" I called "someone here to see you"Then I heard the thudding of one of them coming down the
stairs. It was Brad and he had at least put on a pair of Preteen Porn Pedo
shorts."Hi, Kevin" he told him " come on in!!""We're going to our room, OK" he asked"Yeah, no problem" I answeredThe boys went up the stairs and I went back to taking care
of my business. After an extended period of time, I finally
got everything all set up. And headed into the kitchen to get
a sandwich and something to drink. After finishing, I
noticed that all really seemed quiet in the house and I hadn't
heard anything from upstairs in awhile. So, I decided to go
up and check and make sure everything was all right. As I
got upstairs, I noticed that all was still very quiet. I stopped
outside the door and listened for a moment. All was still
quiet, when suddenly it was interrupted by a very low soft
sound. I reached for the door handle and very softly opened
the door and my eyes were greeted by three naked boys on
the bed. Kevin was laying on his back with his legs thrown
up and Chad was on top of him with Preteen Porn Pedo
his hard dick inside him
slowly going in and out and Brad was standing by his head
with his hard dick inside Kevin's mouth all the way and
sliding in and out as well. I was so mesmerized by this sight
that I didn't realize that I had reached down and was rubbing
my hard dick through my shorts. I am sure the guys were
doing all this slowly, trying to be as quiet as possible. I
stepped into the room and purposely made a noise so that
the boys would know that I was there. On hearing the noise
Brad and Chad looked around and saw me and just smiled.
But Kevin looked at me with a look of horror on his face and
was trying his best to get up. "Hey, it's cool Kev, don't
worry about it. Everything is all right!! No problem!! Right
Bill??" Chad stated.Kevin looked at me very quizzically to make sure it was."Well guys, I see that you started without me!!" I said."Come on and join us" Brad Preteen Porn Pedo answeredI quickly got undressed and went over to the bed. I looked
down at Kevin and what a very nice body he had. And his
dick was now half hard, but looked to be around 5 � to 6"
hard and he was cut. At that point Chad started pumping
Kevin's ass faster and harder. I bent down and took Kevin's
dick into my mouth and began to lick and suck. It did not
take long before he was hard again. In the meantime, Brad
had moved his dick back into Kevin's mouth and started
fucking his face. Wow, did this boy taste good, I was
sucking up and down on his hard dick wanting his boy cum
in my mouth. And fondling his balls at the same time. And
Kevin was trying to moan and speak at the same time with a
mouth full of hard dick!! In my hand, I felt his young balls
tightened up and knew soon I would br drinking some of him.
Then it happened, squirt after squirt of his sweet tasting
cum was flooding my mouth. I was drinking him quickly so
as not to miss a drop. While I was licking him clean, I felt
Chad's pace picking up, as he was going in and out of Kevin
faster and faster. Then with a very loud "OOOOOOOOH
FUCK YESSSSSSSSS" he went rigid and pushed his hard
dick all the way into Kevin and Preteen Porn Pedo
filled his ass with his hot
cum. He kept pumping away wanting to get it all into Kevin.
I had finished up cleaning Kevin off, when a shouted
"CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING" came from Brad as his dick
jerked in Kevin's mouth, filling it with his boy cum. Kevin
was trying to take it all, but some spilled out around the
corner of his mouth. When Brad stopped cumming and
pulled his dick from Kevin, Kevin licked out his tongue and
tried to lick all the cum from around his mouth. Chad then
moved up and bent down and helped Preteen Porn Pedo him lick his face clean.
Then he placed his lips on Kevin's and they went into a very
passionate kiss, with tongues going in and out reaching for
the other ones tongue!! Brad pulled me to himself and his
lips found mine and we began a very hot kiss. After a short
while we broke our kisses. And Kevin spoke up "that was
totally awesome!!! All you guys are totally hot!!""Yeah, aren't you glad you didn't get up??" Chad asked him"Oh yeah""I was surprised though when your uncle came in the room.
I didn't know what to expect. That freaked me Preteen Porn Pedo out when he
took my dick in his mouth!! You guys been doing this
long??" Kevin Asked"Not too long, about a month now" Brad answered"Hey what about Bill?? Chad asked"Let me do him. I have done a man before. I want to see
what it's like!!" Kevin told everyoneSo I asked Kevin how he wanted me to be. He said to lay on
my back on the bed. Then he bent over me and started
running his hand all over my body. Then began to
concentrate on my balls and dick. And my dick was
throbbing now, so hard it felt like it would break. He then
used his tongue to softly lick all over my balls and up and
down my dick. Then just over the head of my dick, he
flicked his tongue in and out, lightly licking the head. He
then slid his mouth just over the head of my dick and started
sucking softly and licking with his tongue at the same time.
Man this was sooooo hot, looking at that beautiful 14 year
old going up and down on the head of my dick. His hand
then went between my legs and a finger found my hole and
he began to rub his finger there. And he moved his Preteen Porn Pedo head all
the way down my dick, taking all of me inside his mouth. As
he was slowly going up and down on my dick, he slid his
finger inside my ass and began to finger fuck my ass as he
sucked me. It was very difficult to hold still on the bed as I
could feel myself sliding into nirvana!! Sucking faster and
faster and having his finger following the same movement, I
could feel the cum boiling in my balls. Then with a
"CUMMMMMMMING" I shot jet after jet of cum into his
mouth. I quickly filled his mouth and some was running out
of each corner. But he was holding me inside his mouth,
making sure Preteen Porn Pedo to get it all. Brad and Chad quickly moved in
and began licking his face to get the cum off, while Kevin
still held my dick in his mouth. I finally pulled out and told
Kevin how great that felt!! Then all four of us went to a very
big group hug, all our naked bodies next to each Preteen Porn Pedo others!!We all lay back onto the bed catching out collective
said. "I want to do some more with you guys""Oh, and me too. But right now all I want to do is rest for a
short while. Later guys" I told them.I got dressed and told the boys that I was going to call their
Mom and let her know that everything was all right and I
could be there for awhile longer and if they wanted to they
could talk with her as well. I left the room and went
downstairs, followed by all three boys, still totally naked. I
got their Mom on the phone and told her the news and she
was very happy that I could be there. She wanted to speak
to Brad and Chad. Brad got on the phone first and as he was
talking with his Mom Chad was playing with Kevin's dick. Preteen Porn Pedo I
would never have dared to speak to my Mom on the phone
naked(I thought that there was some way she could see me
LOL), but here they were not only talking but playing with
each other Preteen Porn Pedo at the same time!! Then Chad took the phone
and started talking with his Mom, never letting Kevin's dick
go, which by now was hard. And Brad reached down and
began to play with Chad's dick as well and he was hard in
short order. Then he knelt in front of him and took his dick
into his mouth and started sucking him. I don't know about
you, but I know I would never have been able to carry on any
type of intelligent conversation with that happening to me!!
But it did not seem to bother Chad at all, as he kept on
talking with his Mom. Then he handed me the phone and I
talked with sis for a moment or two longer and hung up.
When I looked back around Chad was fucking Brad's face
and jacking Kevin at the same time. The Kevin went up on
his toes and shot his cum into the air hitting Chad all over
his body. Then with a very strong "YESSSSSSS" Chad filled
Brad's mouth with his cum. And Brad sucked all of it into
his mouth and licked him clean!! Then I knelt in front of
Brad and pulled his dick into my mouth and went all the way
down on it and began going up and down, sucking him fast
and deep. It did not take long and Brad was shooting his
sweet cum into my mouth. And I was sucking as hard as I
could to get all of him into my mouth. I finished cleaning
him up and stood up and our lips met and we french kissed
hotly. Our tongues fucking each others mouth. When we
broke we each one had to catch our breaths. We were
gasping deeply."You guys are something else" I told them "I would never
think of doing something like that while I was talking on the
phone to my mother!!!""No big deal. She probably suspected what we were doing.
She has seen us having sex together before" Brad said"Yeah, we were naked lying on my bed and we were doing a
69 with each other when she walked into the bedroom
without knocking. We talked about it afterwards and agreed
to being safe with what we did. She wasn't thrilled about it,
but she accepted it and asked us if we thought we were gay.
We said yes and we loved boys. She asked us if we had ever
done with other boys and we told her we had. She said she
did not mind us doing it, to just try to keep our door locked
when we were" Chad told meWell this was certainly a surprise that I was not prepared
for. When I asked them how many other boys had they done
it with, they told me 3 or 4. And the last time they had was
yesterday with someone other than Kevin.Well, very interesting!! Should I get them to invite the boys
over and have some fun times together or not???HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?????Stay tuned!!Would appreciate your commentsE-mail me at beetlencol.netTake care and be safe. AND LOVE A BOY TODAY. HE'S A

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